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MATCH - Midtown Arts Theater Center

Video Production for MATCH

‘The Woman In The Mirror’ was a comedy based on a family member living with Alzheimer's.


Being able to capture a live performance is always a privilege for us. Being able to capture a performance that encapsulates real life experiences is an honor. We were asked to film ‘The Woman In The Mirror’ based on a book by Dana Steele. The play follows the journey of a woman and her mother who suffers through Alzheimer’s and how the family coped with a harsh reality. Steele kept the audience engaged with heartfelt emotions and humor to remind them of losing a loved one even while they are alive. Working with Alzheimer patients for over 7 years this play hit home. I appreciated how in depth and raw Steele was in the play that showed how much this disease affects not only the patient, but the family as well.

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